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We are a company specialized in pressure washing, cleaning and disinfection of all spaces. We provide a comprehensive service according to the need of our customers with fair market prices whether it is for a residential or commercial service. We put at the service of our clients our experience, quality, professionalism and timely compliance. We are committed to the growth and well-being of our people, with social responsibility, care for the environment, good relations with suppliers and the profitability and sustainability of the company for our shareholders.

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Business values

In this company, first God and in honor of my uncle, mentor, and confidant Fernando Rivera Nuñez 09/26/1967 - 05/14/2021 You fulfilled your purpose.


We perfect our skills; therefore, we frame our ideas, attitudes and actions under the will to fulfill our commitments and obligations in a persevering way in favor of the missional objectives of the company.


We recognize equality and self-worth and we act with tolerance, cordiality and collaboration towards our fellow human beings.


We fulfill our obligations with excellence from the beginning and use our materials in a correct and responsible manner.


We work in unity and empathy in the shared processes, tasks and objectives.


We act in accordance with what is considered right. Our efforts are consistent with rectitude, honesty, and probity.


We do our work with energy, enthusiasm and make sure our work is well executed from the beginning and forever.

Frequently asked question

Pressure washing your home will remove dirt, stains, mildew, and bird droppings. Every part of your exterior, including the siding, deck, fence, and driveway, will be left looking like new. Helps protect your home from irreversible stains. Enhance curb appeal, restore your home and give it a fresh look without the expense of renovations.

Soft washing is a cleaning technique that uses low-pressure water to safely clean the exterior surfaces of a home. This method also uses cleaning solutions to effectively remove mold, moss, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Confirm the areas to wash
Move cars out of your driveway to avoid overspray
Remove any decorations or items that could be damaged by the cleaning solution or the force of the water.
Ideally, you should remove window screens, but it’s not essential.
Make sure outdoor electrical outlets are properly covered,
Keep your pet indoors.

Make sure all windows are closed
Make sure no one is outside during the washing process
Move cars out of your driveway to avoid overspray
Remove any trim that could be damaged by the cleaning solution or the force of the water.
Make sure outdoor electrical outlets are properly covered
Cover delicate plants around your house with garbage bags or the like

With the gentle wash system, a vinyl or aluminum siding home will get better clean for a minimum of two years. Stained or painted wood siding is always more porous and requires more attention. Gently washing the wood every one to two years can add to the longevity of the stain or paint.

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